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Boom Boom Shahid Afridi fastest Century Record in ODI

 Boom Boom Shahid Afridi fastest Century Record in ODI

Shahid Afridi is a Pakistani fastest Batsman. He was born in 1st March 1980 at Khyber agency, Fata, Pakistan. His batting style is right hand bat & bowling style is right arm leg spin.  He also known his aggressive batting style. Shahid Afridi is a Youngest player ever to hit a ODI century records. He scored his 1st century of International Career records at the age of 16 years. Shahid Afridi has won the man of the match awards 32 times in his career. Afridi right from the start of his career became a super star. He is super star for Pakistan and well looking at his records it is very hard to say that player like him will come in future. Shahid Afridi is a gift for cricket. because he has a fastest century records.

 Shahid Afridi Century records

Shahid Afridi is such a great batsman of Pakistani Cricket team. All Pakistani cricket fans love him a lot. Shahid Afridi most precious record is the fastest century which he scored in his 2nd match and 1st inning on just 37 balls.This is world record of fastest hundred runs with minimum bowls 37 bowls. he played very aggressively and he showed his quality. Beside the fastest century he also smashed 4th & 7th centuries on 45 and 57 balls. Shahid Afridi top batsman of the World. He is the most popular cricketer. Shahid Afridi is the best player of the Cricket history. Because he played many historical innings and every time he shows his aggression therefore he called with the title of Boom Boom Afridi. Afridi is only man who name repeats three time in the ICC list of fastest century by a batsman. Shahid Afridi also hold a  rather peculiar world record.  

Shahid Afridi Centuries Career Records

Score       Balls     6s      4s       Versus     Venue      Year
  102         37         11     4    Sri Lanka  Nairobi   Oct  1996

Score      Balls      6s     4s       Versus       Venue      Year
 102         45         9       10       India       Kanpur     Apr 2005

Score      Balls      6s     4s       Versus          Venue       Year
124          53         4       17   Bandladesh   Dambulla   June 2010

 Boom Boom Shahid Afridi fastest Century Record in ODI

Shahid Afridi fastest Century in Asia cup Video Dailymotion

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