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Pakistani Cricketer Boom Boom Shahid Afridi Biography

Pakistani Cricketer Boom Boom Shahid Afridi Biography                 

Shahid Afridi is a Pakistani Cricketer. He was born in 1st March 1980 at Khyber Agency, Fata, Pakistan. He also known as Boom Boom Afridi. He is known for his aggressive batting style. Shahid Afridi is the most blessed family. Because it has a super star like Afridi. Shahid Afridi is one the top and best favourite player  in the history of Cricket. Shahid Afridi is one of the most successful player. Shahid Afridi batting style is right hand bat & bowling style is right arm leg spin.  He started his cricket career in the 2 October 1996. Shahid Afridi during his career he played 27 Test match & 388 ODI match. 

Shahid Afridi Personal life

Shahid Afridi is married to Nadia and has four daughters  Ansha, Asmara, Ajwa & aqsa . Shahid Afridi  married life is very happy life. According to Afridi he is really blessed to have four daughters. Shahid Afridi belong to a religious family. His father name is Fazal ur Rehman while Afridi mother died in 2004. He has 4 sisters and 6 brothers. Shahid afridi is very friendly and jovial person. But he is very shy around girls. Shahid Afridi is very respectful towards his elders and his parents. They are the most important  in the world for him. He has a lot of friends in the Pakistani team whom he loves and trust. He is deeply religious and leaves every thing beyond his control to Allah. He likes listening to music and is a God fearing person. His good lookes along with his good cricketing skills made him very populer. He has a very bad habbit of forgetting things. Shahid Afridi Ambition is to play Cricket, enjoy it and earn respect. Shahid Afridi said, I dont think too much. I am only interested in playing cricket and enjoying it.I do set  myself  certain targets at the start of the series. afridi is a very flemboyant personality in the Pakistan Cricket team.

Shahid Afridi Private unseen wife and kids Pictures

Shahid Afridi with his wife & daughter family photos

Shahid Afridi favourite things 

Shahid Afridi favourote Dress Jeans & T-shirt. Shahid Afridi best colour is blue, white & red. Shahid Afridi like cricket heroes Imran Khan, Javaid Miadad, Wasim Akram. Shahid Afridi best song Quit playing games with my heart. Shahid Afridi favourite music light music and folk songs. Shahid Afridi like to food Chicken Biryani,  Kheer & Ice cream. Afridi favourite drink is Orange Juice. His favourite fruit is mango.

Best Compliment for Shahid Afridi

Michael Holding give the best Compliment to Shahid Afridi Cricket is not Cricket without Shahid Afridi.

Shahid Afridi family with wife & daughters Dailymotion Video

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